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Looking for a Criminal Lawyer Blacktown?  You will get the best defence with Australian Criminal Law Team.   Our criminal lawyers Blacktown office include 2017 NSW Australian of the Year Deng Adut and esteemed criminal lawyer Joseph Correy.

Australian Criminal Law Group has been nominated by the Daily Telegraph as a ‘Champion of the West’. Our criminal lawyers have received many awards, including the Law Society President’s Medal, Human Rights Medal, Pride of Australia Medal, WSU Community Award, and Young Global Leaders Award.

We offer affordable representation, free first consultations and fixed fees.

We appear in all criminal and traffic cases, from murders, drug supplies/importations, and sexual assaults. Local court cases may involve domestic violence, driving with drugs and alcohol and drug possession charges.

We understand that being charged with a criminal offence is incredibly stressful. This can place intense pressure on you and your family. We pride ourselves on helping our clients through this hard time. We enable many clients to be found not guilty or receive lenient sentences, including having no conviction recorded.

For one of our experienced criminal lawyers to help you tell your side of the story in court, make a website enquiry or call our free 24/7 phone advice hotline (02) 8815 8167.

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Our professional team represents clients in all criminal and traffic matters. These include:

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The Blacktown office of Australian Criminal Law Group is located at:

  • 14/15-17 Kildare Rd, Blacktown

The office is conveniently located on Kildare Road, less than five minutes’ walk from Blacktown Train Station.

There is parking across the road from our office in the Westpoint Shopping Centre car park.

Several public bus routes can also bring you close to our location. Visit Transport NSW’s Trip Planner to find which train or bus travels from your home or office.

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Where will I go if I am arrested by the police?

In most cases, you will be taken straight to the police station after your arrest. Police can detain you for no more than six hours, after which you must either be:

  • Released unconditionally 
  • Released on police bail, or 
  • Charged and brought before the court 


What are my rights when arrested?

Police are legally required to inform you of your rights after they make an arrest. In NSW, you have the right to remain silent (with some exceptions), the right to contact a friend or relative, the right to an interpreter, the right to medical attention and the right to contact a lawyer.


What do I do if I am at a watch house?

If you are taken to a watch house, you may request that the Sergeant of the watch house allow you to contact your lawyer or a trusted friend or family member who can contact a lawyer on your behalf. 


Why do I need a criminal lawyer?

While the law is designed to protect your rights, it is not always easy to do so without the help of a professional lawyer. 

Our criminal defence lawyers are imperative in mitigating damage and protecting your rights during and after an arrest. We employ some of the best criminal lawyers in Blacktown to ensure you receive the information, assistance and representation you need. 


Where do I find a good criminal lawyer?

It is a good idea to have a lawyer selected and know how to contact them – before anything goes wrong. Online searches and specialised websites such as LawAccess NSW are helpful resources to find trusted lawyers.

You can also contact our team at Australian Criminal Law Group, the best criminal law firm in Blacktown. Reach out today on (02) 8815 8167 or to receive the assistance you need.


What do I do if the police refer me to a lawyer?

You may consider the referral, but you have the right to choose your own representation and are not obligated to accept a lawyer on a police referral.

If you choose not to accept the police-referred lawyer, you can contact us at any time by calling (02) 8815 8167 for a free first appointment.


What happens if I am charged with drink driving?

Drink driving is a serious offence and can carry a variety of consequences, including immediate licence suspension, on-the-spot fines and criminal charges. If you are charged with drink driving, the arresting officer must perform a Blood Alcohol Concentration reading (BAC) as soon as possible to determine your level of intoxication. This – and the type of licence you carry – will determine your penalty.

In order to protect yourself, it is important to contact our traffic law solicitors at Australian Criminal Law Group as soon as possible. Our traffic lawyers in Blacktown are highly experienced and can help you achieve a more favourable outcome.


What is the role of the courts?

There are three levels of courts in NSW: The Local Court, District Court and Supreme Courts – as well as several specialist courts. The courts play two important and distinctive roles as they:

  • Make the final decision regarding guilt 
  • Determine the acceptable penalties for defendants who are found guilty 


What is the Local Court?

As the lowest court in the NSW judicial system, the Local Court is the first to hear most criminal and civil charges. It deals primarily with summary offences and occasionally summarily indictable offences. The Local Court will often hear cases regarding traffic violations, minor drug offences and domestic violence.


What is the role of the District Court and Supreme Court?

The District Court is the second court level in the NSW judiciary system. It handles indictable offences including armed robbery, larceny, burglary and serious assault. It will hear appeals made in the Local Court.

The Supreme Court is the highest court and hears only the most serious cases, including murder, manslaughter and major drug offences. The Supreme Court includes two additional courts: The Court of Appeal and the Court of Criminal Appeal.

What is the difference between a court and a tribunal?

Courts and tribunals operate at both a state and federal level. Courts make legally binding decisions about a range of criminal and civil matters, while tribunals are less formal and not subject to stringent rules of evidence. Tribunals exercise semi-judicial power and therefore are only capable of settling small, specialised disputes such as tenancy matters.


What happens when I arrive at court?

As your chosen criminal lawyers in Blacktown, we are here to help make court days less stressful. You can do your part by:

  • Arriving early to our office or the courthouse 
  • Waiting patiently and calmly for your case to be called 
  • Dressing appropriately and exhibiting respectful behaviour 
  • Refraining from food, drink or phone usage 


What is a mention?

A mention is a short appearance on your first day of court to advise the judge on how you intend to appeal and what is to happen next in the matter. You may experience several mentions before your case is settled.


What is bail?

A bail occurs when you are re-entering the community while waiting for the finalisation of your case.

Bails are not automatic and often come with conditions such as surrendering your passport, paying a fee or regularly reporting to the police.  Bail is not available for every case, and bail applications can only be made once.


Can I appeal if I am unhappy with the court’s decision?

Yes, in certain cases, you may be able to appeal the court’s decision. However, there are time limitations to do so. It is imperative to seek professional legal advice from the best criminal lawyers in Blacktown to ensure your appeal has a greater chance of success.


What is a committal hearing?

As of April 2018, a committal process involves conferencing between the prosecuting team and the defence team, as well as charge certification by a senior prosecutor.


What is a summary offence?

A summary offence is any offence that is not indictable. In other words, summary offences are less serious and therefore can be heard and finalised by the Local Court.

Some examples include driving violations, minor drug offences and trespassing. Summary offences often result in reduced penalties such as fines or limited jail time. 


What is an indictable offence?

Indictable offences are more serious crimes that include murder, grand theft, fraud, arson, rape, burglary, conspiracy and kidnapping. These offences are almost always received at the District and Supreme Courts, though some may be dealt with summarily.


What happens at the trial?

The trial process will usually occur as follows:

  • The judge, when ready to hear the case, calls the defendant to the dock. 
  • Members of the public are seated. 
  • Everyone stands as the judge enters. 
  • The jury panel enters the room. 
  • The judge’s associate reads the charges. 
  • The defendant or defence lawyer enters either a guilty or not-guilty plea. 


What happens if I plead guilty?

If you plead guilty, a jury will not be called and the judge will commence with the trial, determining the verdict themselves. The judge may announce a sentence immediately following the trial, or they may set a future date for the sentencing hearing.


What happens if I plead not guilty?

If you plead not guilty, a randomised 12-person jury will be called from the panel. The judge will then hear the prosecution, followed by the defence. During this time, witnesses will be called, examined, re-examined and the defendant may give evidence if they desire. After hearing summaries from both parties, the judge will explain applicable laws to the jury members, who will then retire to consider a verdict.

When a unanimous verdict is reached, the judge will either announce a sentence or set a date for a sentencing hearing.


What happens at sentencing?

Your sentence will be determined based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The seriousness of your crime 
  • The effect on the victim(s) 
  • Your criminal history and personal circumstances 
  • Your cooperation in the case 

The prosecution will propose a suitable sentence and may present a victim impact statement, while our team can attempt to achieve reduced sentences by specifying mitigating factors. After this, the judge will determine the appropriate sentence.


What are the types of sentences?

Your sentence will depend on the nature of your crime – as well as other factors – and may include sentences such as fines, community service, probation, incarceration, intensive correction, recognisance, restitution or a suspended sentence.


What happens at an appeal?

Appeals from the Local Court are heard in the District Court. All other appeals are heard in the Court of Appeal.

An appeal may be made in three circumstances:

  • If you plead guilty and are granted leave by the Court of Appeal to appeal against a sentence. 
  • If you are found guilty, you have the right to appeal a conviction. 
  • If the prosecution considers a sentence too lenient, they may appeal it. 

There are strict time limits associated with appealing, making it imperative to work closely with your criminal lawyers in Blacktown

Our team is thoroughly knowledgeable in criminal law and stands ready to help you defend yourself. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.



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Honestly hands down to the service provided by Steven at AC law group. Best outcome, amazing communication and knowledge. Given... Read the review here

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