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Terrorism offences are regarded as some of the most serious criminal charges under Australian law, with many of these offences carrying a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Being accused or charged with an act of terrorism is thankfully something that doesn’t occur too often. However, if it does happen to you, the seriousness of the offence is no doubt going to turn your life upside down. Terrorism charges are going to attract the attention of the media and are likely to harm your image at work and with friends and family.

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What are Terrorism Offences?

Prior to the September 11 attacks in the US 2001, Terrorism charges were delt with under general criminal law provisions. However, since then, a number of provisions were made to the Criminal Code, listing a number of Terrorist Offences.

2002 amendments to Division 101 of the Criminal Code Act 1995- external site (the Criminal Code) details terrorist act offences under Australian law as this following;

“It is an offence to:

    • commit a terrorist act
    • plan or prepare for a terrorist act
    • finance terrorism or a terrorist
    • provide or receive training connected with terrorist acts
    • possess things connected with terrorist acts
    • collect or make documents likely to facilitate terrorist acts.

A person may be convicted of an offence if they:

    • intended to commit one of these offences
    • were reckless as to whether their actions would amount to one of these offences.”

The 2002 amendments also gave the government the power to charge an organisation with an act of terrorism.

Terrorism Offences are considered to be some of the most serious offenses. They also carry some of the most serious punishments including imprisonment with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

What to do if charged with a terrorism offence?

If you have been charged with an act of terrorism, it’s important that you get in contact with a criminal lawyer immediately. Terrorism charges can be extremely confronting but the sooner you have a qualified criminal lawyer on your case, the better your changes of beating it.

Why choose Australian Criminal Law Group to defend charges of terrorism?

Australian Criminal Law Group’s special counsel for terrorism, foreign fighter, and human trafficking offences can help you if you have been charged with Terrorism offences.

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