Perverting the Course of Justice

Perverting the Course of Justice Criminal Defence Lawyers If you do any act or omission that is intended to stop justice from being served on yourself or another person, you could be charged with perverting the course of justice. Perverting the course of justice is an offence that the courts take very seriously.  That’s because…

Apprehended Violence Order

Apprehended Violence Order Defence Solicitors Sydney Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) and Domestic Violence (DV) charges are often unfair, unnecessary and based on untrue allegations.  The police overuse AVOS and anyone can walk into a local court and apply for one.  An AVO could restrict you from residing in your own home, seeing your children or…

The police put an AVO on me. I couldn’t go home or see my kids. I was devastated. I saw Australian Criminal Law Group and they had me back in my house tucking my kids into bed within days

- John

Break and Enter

What’s known as Break enter and commit serious indictable offence is a serious crime. NSW has the highest full-time imprisonment rate for break and enter offences. We constantly beat these charges. Our solicitors have a proven track record of keeping our clients out of jail, and also (depending on the seriousness of the allegation) having…

Joe Correy represented me in 5 break and enter charges, and he beat them all in front of 3 different magistrates. He’s the best lawyer for Break and Enters, hands down

- Jay

Drug Defence Lawyers

Drug Lawyers Sydney  The best Sydney drug defence lawyers specialising in defending, sentencing and bail, for drug supply, drug possession and drug importation offences.  Our clients range from first offenders facing possession charges to gang members in large commercial drug syndicates. We have successfully defended many people who have been charged with a drug-related offence.…

Joseph represented me in the District Court after I was charged with supply and possession of A LOT of pills. Other lawyers said I was going to gaol, but Joey handled his business and convinced the court to give me section 10s with no convictions. The MAN

- Pete

Sexual Assault/Offence Lawyers Sydney

Best criminal lawyers for sexual assault and other sex offences Australian Criminal Law Group are Sydney’s best criminal lawyers for defending sexual assault (rape) and other sex offences. Our clients trust our criminal lawyers to represent them in sexual assault and sex offences cases. We are compassionate, understanding, and fight to have you found not…

Firearm / Weapon Offences

Firearms and weapons offence lawyers  Any offence involving guns is extremely serious. It puts you at serious risk of being sentenced to prison, potentially for a long time – unless you have a good criminal lawyer. Firearm charges can be beaten, especially if there is no DNA or fingerprints on the firearm and it isn’t…

I had three lots of gun charges. Joe flew my family down from Queensland and put the best case before the judge. I got a lower sentence for the gun charges than anyone else in the jail. No one could believe it

- Anon

Dishonesty Offences

Dishonest Offences our Criminal Lawyers Represent Dishonesty offences are rampant in society. These include stealing to fraud and dealing with proceeds of crime. Our expert criminal lawyers represent people charged with all dishonesty offences. From shoplifting to employees who defrauded their employers to members of organized crime syndicates money laundering. Our expert criminal lawyers know…

Australian Criminal Law Group represented me in a $350,000 money laundering case. My co-Accused went to jail for a long time. I stayed out of jail because of how my lawyer handled the case. What more can I say? The only criminal lawyers I’d use

- Andy

Offensive Conduct

Offensive Conduct Offensive conduct is one of the least serious criminal charges.  It is also an offence that police often charge people with unnecessarily. Our criminal lawyers frequently have this charge dismissed by way of a not guilty verdict or by way of section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999, meaning no conviction…

Offensive Language

Offensive Language Offensive language is one of the least serious criminal charges and police often charge it unnecessarily. Merely swearing in the presence of, or at, police will rarely amount to offensive language because the courts have recognised that exposure to swearing and some verbal abuse is part of the daily reality for police. Our…

Participating in a Criminal Group

Participating in a Criminal Group Our criminal lawyers are experts at defending charges related to organised crime. Participating in a criminal group is a serious criminal offence. The offences were introduced in recognition of the fact that crimes committed by gangs are a far greater threat to the safety and wellbeing of the community than…


Robbery Offences Robbery offences can carry lengthy prison sentences for first offenders and re-offenders alike.   As such, we recommend getting expert advice and representation if you’ve been charged with this offence.  Our criminal lawyers are experts at beating robbery offences. We keep first offenders out of prison and get incredibly lenient sentences for re-offenders. Robbery…

I was sentenced for 6 armed robberies. I thought I was gone for a long time. Australian Criminal Law Group got me a couple more years. It was insane. I feel like I’ve been given another chance

- Leigh

Sex Offences

Sex Offences Criminal Defence Lawyers Sydney Being accused of a sex offence can be overwhelming.   If you have been accused of a sex offence, such as sexual assault or a child sex offence, the repercussions can be incredibly detrimental to your life.  Our criminal lawyers are experts at defending these life destroying charges.  We fight…

I was put through 18 months of hell when I was falsely accused of rape. Australian Criminal Law Group took my case and guided me and my family through the ordeal until a jury found me not guilty. With their help, I’ve moved on with my life, happily married and had a son. Thank you

- Martin

Terrorism Charges

Terrorism Defence Lawyers Sydney  Terrorism offences are regarded as some of the most serious criminal charges under Australian law, with many of these offences carrying a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Being accused or charged with an act of terrorism is thankfully something that doesn’t occur too often. However, if it does happen to you,…

Violent Offences

Violent offences we represent clients for  Violent offences are some of the most common offences our criminal lawyers fight. Violent offences are sometimes unjustly used by the police, angry spouses and even witnesses, against people who have done no wrong or simply acted in self-defence. We are experts at defending violent offences to obtain not…

Our solicitor destroyed the domestic violence case against me. He had my accuser crying all the way from the witness box and out the court door. Not guilty

- Jurgen

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