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Our reputation for getting our clients results is unparalleled in the industry.

I would like to thank Steven for his assistance regarding my matter. He was very helpful throughout the difficult time and i highly recommend Steven. Thank you for great results.

geet grewal Avatar
geet grewal

Joe, an attorney from this firm, was absolutely and undeniably awesome.
With my finances, he represented my brother and the whole time he was professional, passionate and committed. Joe threw himself into my case 100% but also managed his other clients with the same level of dedication at the same time. I could not rate Joe's services any higher then is possible.
The Police unjustly charge people every day. The power they have is in my opinion "criminal".
If you need a good defence attorney then this is the firm to go with.
Joe travelled hundreds of kilometres to represent my brother in court to stand before a judge who is known for harsh and quite frankly emotionally aggressive sentences. Joe won the day and my brother is free, my brothers children still have a father in their lives.

Jack Robertson Avatar
Jack Robertson

I had a great experience with this Law firm. Omer Dannawi has been helpful and guided me throughout the case and we achieved great results. He's great man and I appreciate his afford. He helped me from day one till we achieved it lastly. I'm proud of him and his great work. In my experience I can encourage any one who need lawyer to contact Law Group for help, and I'm sure you won't regret it. Thanks once again.

Lual Lueth Avatar
Lual Lueth

I would like to thank Omar Dannawi for his assistance regarding my criminal matter. His professionalism, knowledge and support during a difficult time gave me the reassurance and confidence that I had the right person defending me.

Lisa Bogomiagkov Avatar
Lisa Bogomiagkov

We would like to thank Omar Dannawi for his professionalism, dedication and mostly for his understanding when assisting us in our time of need. It can be quite difficult and overwhelming to deal with complex matters, but Omar showed us that we really could overcome such complexities when dealing with the law. Omar was prompt, efficient, informative, and mostly he was only a text message away when needed.

I would highly recommend Omar Dannawi and his legal team to anyone out there. They genuinely care about people, their outcome which in our case was very favourably.

Thank you Omar and god bless.

Neha Prasad Avatar
Neha Prasad

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