In serious criminal cases – most commonly jury trials, barristers are instructed by solicitors such as the criminal lawyers at Australian Criminal Law Group. 

There are many reasons that solicitors and barristers in Sydney work together to represent clients. These include the combination allowing for the specialist knowledge that our solicitors have in preparing criminal cases, and the specialist advocacy that barristers provide on the day of bail, trial, or sentence proceedings. 

Of equal importance is that the combination of a barrister and solicitor allows clients to spend less money on legal fees. This is especially so for a firm such as Australian Criminal Law Group. With its significant resources clients are not charged barrister’s rates for the bulk of their criminal proceedings.

Our criminal lawyers only instruct the best barristers from the finest criminal law chambers in Sydney. We have exceptional relationships with barristers. We can identify the most suitable barrister to deal with your case for a price that you can afford. 

Barristers available to you at Australian Criminal Law Group include:

Forbes Chambers

Barrister's Chambers

Garfield Barwick Chambers

Barrister's Chambers

Sir Owen Dixon Chambers

Barrister's Chambers

Samuel Griffith Chambers

Barrister's Chambers


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