Fixed fee criminal lawyers available at Australian Criminal Law Group 

Fixed fee criminal lawyers give you peace of mind when it comes to paying your legal bills.

We feel passionately about providing the best defence and making the best legal representation available to all.  That’s why our Sydney, Blacktown and Parramatta defence solicitors offer fixed fees for non-complex criminal law matters.   This gives our clients the peace of mind that comes with full visibility of costs from the start.

Our fixed fees mean you get the best criminal defence in Sydney at affordable prices without any nasty surprises on the bill at the end.  At Australian Criminal Law Group, we also won’t bill you for things like short phone calls, brief emails and photocopying and, for those that need it, we offer payment plans.

Does Australian Criminal Law Group offer fixed fees for all matters?

Our Criminal Lawyers offer fixed fees on all non-complex matters.

If you are interested in hiring a fixed fee criminal lawyer, the best thing to do would be to get in touch and let us know more about your case.  We offer a first free consults so you can meet your lawyer and give us the information we need to determine the best course of action.

How do Fixed Fee Criminal Lawyers work?

When working with one of our fixed fee lawyers, you will get an obligation free quote upfront, before we start to work on your defence.    You will have the opportunity to share your story as part of our first free consult service.   This provides us with the information we need in order to give you an accurate upfront cost and start.  It also gives you the chance to determine if we are a good fit for your case.

While we represent clients across all criminal law matters, fixed fees are usually only offered on cases where the matter is simple, it is easy enough for a criminal lawyer to quote your fee accurately.  They have worked on similar cases many times, so they know roughly how much work will be involved and how many court visits are likely.  That means that a fixed fee can be given easily.

Unfortunately, for more complex matters and more serious offences, it isn’t so easy, and a fee estimate will be provided to you instead of a fixed fee.

Why work with Australian Criminal Law Group?

If you are looking for the best Sydney criminal lawyer or fixed fee criminal law firm, contact us at Australian criminal law group.   on 02 8815 8167 or at

We represent all criminal law cases across all Sydney courts.  Our defence solicitors provide the best defence for traffic offences, drug charges, assault, murder and manslaughter, AVO, fraud, larceny, firearms and sex offences.

Ways solicitors charge their clients

Depending on the case and its complexity, there are a number ways to pay for a criminal lawyer.  In addition to fixed fees, Australian Criminal Law Group bills using some of these methods.

Hourly rates for lawyers

An hourly rate for lawyers means exactly as it sounds.   You will be billed for every hour worked on your case. The benefit of pay by the hour rates for lawyers is that you only pay for time spent on your case.  You are, essentially, getting what you pay for.  However, while this might be the best method for some matters, it isn’t always so straight forward in practice.

One of the downsides of paying your solicitor based on an hourly rate is that it can lack transparency of costs upfront.   You don’t know how much your bill will be at the end.

Often, particularly with firms that don’t communicate well with their clients, there can be costs for time spent working on the case that the client may not be prepared for.  For example, researching a particular defence which may or may not be used in the end.

Also, a key factor to consider here is the seniority of the solicitor and how much they can accomplish in a given time. While it might be easy to find great rates with junior solicitors, a junior solicitor may require more billable hours to work on your case to that of a senior solicitor.

Legal Aid Criminal Lawyers

Legal Aid is a form of legal assistance, offered by the government to those who apply and are eligible.  It is available to those who are going to court but that cannot afford to pay a private defence solicitor.  Applicants must pass a means test in order to assess their ability to pay for legal services in order for legal aid to be granted.

The idea is that Legal Aid ensures that everyone has the opportunity for a fair and normal trial.   However, it is normally only cases where the defendant faces a prison sentence and only those on the lowest incomes that are approved for legal aid.

Applications and management of legal aid is done through The Legal Aid Commission of NSW; however, our criminal lawyers are able to lodge your legal aid application for you.

How much does a criminal solicitor cost?

A qualified criminal lawyer can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your case.   There are many variables to consider that can impact your costs such as; complexity of the case; lawyers experience; how much research is involved; or how many court visits are likely; as well as, the method in which you are billed.

We recommend always taking advantage of first free consult offers which most good law firms will offer.  This will give you the opportunity to meet with your potential criminal lawyer, determine if they are right for you, and to get a quote.

Contact us at Australian Criminal Law Group

If you are looking for the best Sydney criminal lawyer or fixed fee criminal law firm, contact us at Australian criminal law group.   on 02 8815 8167 or at

We have offices in Sydney, Parramatta and Blacktown but we attend all NSW courts for all criminal law matters.


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