Parramatta drug lawyers obtain bail for multiple clients 

Last week our team of defence lawyers in Parramatta obtained bail for multiple clients who were charged with serious drug offences.  These included charges relating to supplying large commercial quantities of drugs and trafficking large quantities of cannabis that were before the supreme court.

Australian Criminal Law Group Parramatta’s defence team are known for getting the best results.  The following cases are prime examples of the level of expertise they possess in bail applications and serious drug-related offences.

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Bail Obtained for Recent Drug Supply Charges

Large Commercial Supply of 1000kg Pseudoephedrine – Bail Obtained

Criminal lawyer Our solicitor obtained bail for a client charged with the large commercial supply of 1000 kilograms of pseudoephedrine. The client had prior charges on his record, including charges for drug supply and firearms offences.

Supply large commercial quantities of drugs like pseudoephedrine is a very serious offence.  If found guilty, the client could be facing a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Despite the seriousness of the charge and the client’s poor criminal record, Mr Mercael was able to convince the court to grant bail. Steven’s compelling bail application included a bed in rehab that he had organised and was described by The Supreme Court judge as “attacking the critical concerns that the court might have”.

Trafficking 930kg of cannabis – Bail Obtained

Criminal lawyer Joseph Correy appeared for his client in the Supreme Court in relation to a charge of trafficking 930kg of cannabis where he was successful in getting bail for his client.

The client was facing very serious charges.  To complicate matters further, the client had a prior criminal record for money laundering.

In putting forward his client’s case for bail, Joseph directed the court to the circumstantial nature of the case as well as the unreliability of an informant, and the delay in prosecution.  Joseph also highlighted the need for his client to be on bail for his business and children.

As a result, the client obtained bail.  In granting bail, the Supreme Court judge remarked the bail application was impeccably and concisely put together.

Local Court Drug Charges – Bail Obtained

In the Local Court, our criminal defence team were also able to obtain multiple successful bail applications for drug charges.

Criminal lawyer Our solicitor was able to obtain bail in the Local Court for a client charged with commercial supply of cocaine and dealing with 70,000 in proceeds of crime.

Meanwhile Michael Djurichkovic obtained bail for co-Accused charged with supply of 3 kilograms of cannabis and dealing with proceeds of crime.

Bail Application Lawyers for Drug Charges

If you have been charged with a drug-related offence, you’re applying for bail or you’ve recently had a bail application refused, get in touch with us at Australian Criminal Law Group.  We have a team of defence lawyers who are experts at getting bail for serious drug-related crimes.

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To find out more about drug offences, visit our drug-related criminal law pages.


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