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Steven Mercael secures bail for victim of shooting arrested for firearms offence

Suffering mental health issues following a shooting, a Sydney man was shocked to find himself arrested on firearms charges himself just weeks after the incident took place.

Criminal lawyer and firearms law expert Steven Mercael of Australian Criminal Law Group secured bail for his client on the first occasion the matter was in court. But the work did not stop there…

After months of negotiating and obtaining expert reports, Mr Mercael defended the man in court last month.  Mr Mercael highlighted to the court that the case was weak in relation to several charges and successfully had a number of charges withdrawn and dismissed.

Mr Mercael highlighted to the court that there was no DNA evidence connecting his client to the firearms and provided evidence by way of family witnesses to support the defendants claim of innocence in relation to a number of charges.

After successful negotiations, Mr Mercael argued that his client should not be incarcerated. It was argued that consideration be given to the fact the defendant was only 18 years of the age, as well as, his mental state at the time of the court proceedings.  Mr Mercael argued that his client, having been a victim of a shooting just weeks earlier, should not be subjected to the custodial sentence and as this would be detrimental to his health.  Rather the defence argued that his client be able to access the right support in order to aid in his recovery, including access to appropriate medical professionals in the community that a custodial environment could not provide.

Sydney’s Best Firearms Lawyers

This is not the first time that Australian Criminal Law Group has defended firearms charges for young clients that have been unfairly accused of gun related crimes.  Just recently, a young Sydney man had charges dropped following Australian Criminal Law Groups defence in relation to a gel gun possession charge.  In this instance it was advertisers and inconsistent state laws around a highly profitable and booming industry in Australia that were to blame.  The client was misled and deliberately targeted and, as such, should not have been held accountable for having prohibited firearms in his possession.

Mr Mercael said “Firearms offences are extremely serious matters. However, a courts role in a balancing exercise when sentencing an individual takes into account the individual characteristics of each case on its own merit”.

Mr Mercael cautions all those involved in or looking to become involved in recreational gun sports and gun club activity, including those looking to purchase or distribute prohibited firearms, to ensure they are properly informed about their local and federal firearms laws.   If not, they could risk facing criminal charges in court.

Read more about firearms law and prohibited firearms related criminal offences here.

What to do if you are accused of a firearms related offence

If you are accused of a firearms related offence or you suspect you might be arrested or charged with an offence relating to firearms, get in contact with Australian Criminal Law group immediately. All of our criminal law solicitors are experts in Australian gun laws and can provide the best advice and defence for your case.

Australian criminal law group have offices in Sydney, Parramatta, and Blacktown but our criminal lawyers represent clients across all of NSW.  Contact us at or call us on (02) 8815 8167.

About Steven Mercael;

Steven Mercael is a senior associate criminal lawyer at Australian Criminal Law group Parramatta office.  Mr Mercael represents clients in all courts across New South Wales on all criminal law matters.   Mr Mercael is regarded in the industry as being among the best criminal lawyers.

Mr Mercael fights passionately for all of his clients to ensure the best defence and best results every time.

If you would like Steven to represent your case, contact us on (02) 8815 8167 to arrange a first free consultation.


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