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Deng Adut

Deng Adut is one of Australia’s best-known lawyers for his work in the courtroom and as a community leader. He is the 2017 NSW Australian of the Year and a recipient of the prestigious Law Society President’s medal. Deng has been described as the Pride of Australia by News Corporation. He was invited by NSW Premier Mike Baird to give the 2016 Australia Day Address, which drew critical acclaim home and abroad. 

In 2016, Deng also published a critically acclaimed memoir, Songs of a War Boy, about his journey from child soldier and refugee, to putting himself through law school and becoming one of Australia’s best lawyers. He was the subject of a portrait that won the People’s Choice at the Archibald Prize. His life story recently featured in an advertisement for Western Sydney University, which went viral.

Deng is a co-founder and partner at AC Law Group, practising in the areas of criminal and immigration law. Prior to this, he practised at 3 reputable Sydney criminal law firms, has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to social justice, working at Blacktown Local Court as a liaison officer to the local Sudanese community and at Parramatta Community Justice Clinic, providing disadvantaged members of the community access to the legal justice system. Deng regularly acts as a spokesperson for the Sudanese community and has frequently appeared in the media to advocate for their interests. Deng is committed to making a positive difference and in doing so, devotes much of his time to mentoring and supporting the community. Read more about Deng on his website.

Joseph Correy

Joseph Correy has advocated for justice most his adult life. As an activist, journalist and criminal lawyer, he has never shied away from a court case or cause he believed in.

Raised on Little Eveleigh St, Redfern, and a product of Redfern school, he is no novice to bad cops, communities oppressed and court battles. He entered law shortly after the death of TJ Hickey to hold the police force accountable. To this day, he continues to stand beside many Indigenous clients in their battle for justice.

Joseph is passionate about his clients and gone above and beyond what most solicitors do. He has a pro bono practice as large as any solicitor in the state. This is in addition to a private practice that is the busiest at Australian Criminal Law Group. He is a workaholic who is regarded as a solicitor with one of the sharpest legal minds in NSW.

Before opening Australian Criminal Law Group with Deng Adut, Joseph worked for two of the largest law firms in Sydney that specialise in criminal law. He left to build a different breed of lawfirm that put communities before commerce and people before profit. His experience ranges the entire spectrum of criminal law from traffic matters to murder. Whether in the Local Court before a Magistrate or in the District Court and Supreme Courts before a jury, Joseph gets client’s results.

Joseph lives and breathes the law. Australian Criminal Law Group is a reflection of his belief that the fight for justice is never over.

Sarah Ha’angana

Sarah Ha’angana was invited to join Australian Criminal Law Group by partner Deng Adut who wanted a homegrown criminal lawyer to be part of his hand-picked team.

Born and raised in Blacktown’s neighbouring suburb of Doonside, Sarah is familiar with the problems faced by many in the west. Based in Blacktown, she is proud to represent the needs of individuals in her community. She is determined to defend anyone who is accused unfairly, or who may simply be overwhelmed by the whole criminal justice process. Read More

Sarah worked in prosecution and defence before focusing her ambitions on a career at Australian Criminal Law Group. Having a wide background in pro-bono and non-for-profit legal work, she found our firm to be the perfect place in which to maintain her strong focus on social justice within the legal industry.

Sarah is now one of our youngest and brightest solicitors with a knack for courtroom advocacy and a growing record of providing our clients with outstanding results and excellent service. Sarah is a firm believer that to achieve justice in Criminal proceedings, defendants should always be legally represented. Without legal representation for both sides, there is unfairness and inequality.

Rebecca Black

Rebecca came to Australian Criminal Law Group, having honed her craft at two major Sydney criminal law firms and the Aboriginal Legal Service.

Rebecca was head hunted to join Australian Criminal Law Group due to her experience as a criminal lawyer in private and public practice. This background gives her an underdog fight at court and red carpet mentality when it comes to client service. She is a fierce advocate of justice and fearlessly puts forward the cases of her clients.

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Before becoming a lawyer, Rebecca was an educator. She ran a vocational college, tutored law, and taught female inmates at Dillwynia Correctional Centre. Her educational background means she not only has an intricate knowledge of the law but is also an astute communicator of it.

Throughout her different career paths, Rebecca has never stopped helping people no matter their social status, cultural or socioeconomic background, and mental or physical disability. Her passion is undeniable and considered her greatest asset by many of our clients. Rebecca is a formidable opponent to the prosecution no matter what challenges you face in the criminal courts of Australia.

Mayaz Raihani

Mayaz Raihani is not your everyday lawyer, he’s a genuinely caring problem solver. Combining a list of degrees and qualifications and a Solicitor with a Masters of Law in Commercial Litigation, with years of experience in a diverse range of industries as well as solid experience in growing and running businesses, there isn’t much that Mayaz hasn’t accomplished.

When it comes to giving clients advice you can rest assured that Mayaz will view your matter from a perspective not many Solicitors can see. Thinking outside of the box, Mayaz will offer you possible solutions to any challenge saving you stress, time and money. Where other Solicitors advise their clients to go to court Mayaz quite often finds solutions outside of court resulting in numerous benefits to the client.

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Mayaz tries to make the relevant law and legal processes as simple as possible for clients to understand so that they can make the right and informed decisions.

Having been involved in a range of matters from extremely complex litigation worth millions of dollars making headlines in the news to simple at the table negotiations, no matter what the challenge, Mayaz is always there to help. His knowledge and research skills are extremely developed almost always resulting in new solutions or arguments.

Outside of legal work Mayaz is often found presenting on a range of topics to organisations, local High Schools as well as mentoring students helping them make the right decisions towards their future career paths.

Feel welcome to give Mayaz a call to chat or just come over in person, he’ll always make time for you.

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