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It is not a secret that many of the international students who are completing their studies in Australia wish to further stay in Australia after their graduations. Here are a number of visas that may be available to them:

You may need urgent immigration assistance if:
  • Your visa is expiring;
  • Your visa has been cancelled;
  • Your application for an Australian visa has been refused;
  • You are in detention because you have either come to Australia without a valid visa or stayed beyond the date your visa permits;
  • Imminent changes to legislation may affect your eligibility for an Australian visa;

Our Expertise

We can assist with:

  • Appeals to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT);
  • Appeals to the Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT);
  • Appeals to the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT);
  • Judicial Review should there be ground to so doing;
  • Lodgement of visa applications on a priority basis – in some cases within hours of a client signing on;
  • Assistance with waivers of “No further stay” conditions and 3-year temporary re-entry bans;

Please contact us if you require urgent assistance with an immigration matter.

General Skilled Migration
Students who have completed 2 years of study in Australia may be eligible to apply for permanent residence as a skilled migrants. This gives them some advantages including:
  • Onshore Application: Students can apply while in Australia, a bridging visa allows them to remain in Australia during the process of their applications.
  • Work Experience Waiver: Students are exempt from the usual 12-month work experience requirement for skilled migration.
  • Additional Points: Points are available for studies in Australia, particularly where completing higher qualifications or studying in a regional area.
Partner Migration
Should you have an Australian spouse, partner or fiance, it is possible for them to sponsor you for permanent residence. Your partner would need to be an Australian permanent resident, citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen.
Company Sponsorship
If you have a job offer with an Australian company, it may be possible for them to sponsor you for either temporary or permanent residence.

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